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I am pleased to announce- indiviJewel designs is now available online in a limited storefront through Etsy.

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What to do with Grandma’s Old Jewelry

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I was recently given a beautiful strand of crystals worn by a dear relative of theirs who had passed away. Everyone loved Mimi, but no one in the family saw themselves wearing her old crystals.

So they were reborn into 5 pairs of customized earrings for all the woman of the family, down to one year old Sadie.

Take a look at the transformation…IMG_0740


A Burst of Energy

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Some days I enter my studio with many ideas; other days, it just doesn’t come so easily.

Then there are those fantastic days where the creative juices are flowing so freely, the jewelry practically makes itself…

With that said, here are a few examples of of what poured out today…

Summer Is finally here! Jump into the blue waves of the ocean and bask in the shining tones of Mother Earth.

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What are you going to get wrapped up in this summer???

Everything’s Coming Up Roses…

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Our seasons have been so mixed up for quite some time.

Winter came in the fall, and then Spring was here for the winter.

My poor daffodils are so confused!

But finally, with the loss of an hour this weekend, hopefully we will gain a true spring…

I can feel it already! In honor of spring, I have designed some dainty flowers for your personal garden.

Dressing up an old dress…

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I am attending a wonderful family function this weekend that I am so excited for and about! I have chosen a dress that has been in my  closet for quite some time. A goodie, but still an oldie…So the next step is how do I make this FEEL like a new outfit?…New jewelry of course.

This is the first set of jewelry I designed for a specific dress. I thought it came out stunning and wanted to share. Perhaps you too would like to renew an outfit or a dress by having some custom indiviJewel designs created for your special event.

What A Happy Holiday!!!!

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Through the continued support of friends, colleagues and new guests, indiviJewel designs raised 35 new pairs of shoes for children that have never had any of their own, via an organization called Soles for Souls. This weeks two part Open House also raised money for a small group of beautiful woman in Uganda who make some of the beads I use in one of my collections. The Mushana collection for indiviJewel designs helps support these women feed their families one bead at a time.

I take great pride in using my love for sparkly dangly creations to help support both Soles for Souls, as well as  Mushana (which translates to “Under One Sun” which of course, we all are!).

I invite you to take a moment to feel the warmth inside that giving back brings.

Where/how will you pay it forward this holiday season?

For more information on either of these two companies, please visit




Raising Money For Cancer Research

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I recently donated an indiviJewel designs necklace to a colleague of mine, Margaret DeSimone who was raising money for

Relay for Life-American Cancer Society.

I am thrilled to be able to post this news. The raffle tickets for my necklace alone raised $800!

Now THAT’S a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Summer Is Here!

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Bare those ankles and lets get dainty and dangly!

Please contact me for a tailored to fit creation just for you

Joining a Collaborative Global Arts Initiative

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Introducing The Mushana Collection by indiviJewel designs

I just met a wonderful woman named Angela Robinson through my sister, Jenny Pirc. Angela has formed an alliance with a small group of woman in Uganda. They create beads by hand in a variety of ways. The one thing these beads have in common is that they all require the sun. Light to work by, and warmth to dry their creations. “Mushana” is translated into “under one sun”. Because we are all under the same sun, that name is so inspirational to me. I love that my creations have pieces of these women’s heart and soul incorporated into them. I bought several strands of a few different types of beads. The one pictured here used beads that were made by rolling magazine paper. They are then given their striking color using vegetable dye. I have mixed these gorgeous bee hive shaped beads with Jade, fresh water pearls, glass crystals and seed beads.

Not only are these beads first purchased, a portion of all my sales using Mushana beads goes back to these woman, helping them make a living and feed their families.

I am honored and pleased to announce a whole new collection is presently being created using these beads from Mushana. Look for the new collection coming soon.

Also please visit to see more of what Angela is doing.

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