Contact Melissa: indivijeweldesigns@gmail.com

My earrings range anywhere from $10 dollars for sweet simple tiny danglers up to approximately $45 for more unique and precious materials with more glamour and flair. Many priced in between.

Something for Everyone!

I’ve chosen not to sell this jewelry from my web site because I feel Jewelry is such a personal experience. You have to hold it in your hand, feel it against your skin, and select the styles that resonate with your individuality. Especially with earrings. You’ll want to know ‘how dangly or long are they?  ‘How does it move when I move? Then you’ll just know which ones feel right.

However, if you see something you love, please contact me. If it is still available, I will be happy to ship it to you within the US.

Here are some examples of my work: Click to Enlarge

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