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Each piece you see here among these virtual pages are examples of my work. Everything I create is truly a one of kind piece. Celebrating individuality and feminism.

I chose to make this a Gallery and not a store. No one can feel the true essence of a piece through a computer monitor.  You need to feel it in you hands. You have to feel the jewelry on your body.  Here, you can see what’s new, pieces from the All Ways collection, the Sunburst collection and one of my very favorites, my Romance collection.   Many of the pieces may still be available for purchase. If you are not local, I will be happy to ship it to you.

So browse, enjoy and please contact me with any questions, or to set up a party or a viewing.

That’s why I choose to sell in person. That way,  you know it’s right and you get the instant satisfaction of walking away with your new sparkles in your hands, or better yet, already adorned to your body.


A satisfying day in my studio.