Custom Work

Contact Melissa:

I design pieces in any price range to go with other pieces you may already have in your collection. I can also create pieces to go with items that you have chosen from my collection. Perhaps a piece I have created is just the look you want but you’d like it longer or shorter. I can usually do that depending on the availability of the materials you have chosen.

You may need something to go with a certain style of outfit or a specific occasion, like a long piece that you can wrap. Perhaps you don’t have enough ‘blue’ jewelry to go with your love of blue.

I have also designed custom pieces for bridal wear, bridal parties or someone who just knows what they want.

Please contact me for details or to answer any questions you may have.

Below are a list of true statement made to me about my jewelry and their experiences with it. All statements are word for word, as spoken to me originally.


Regina T.: “I never wore any jewelry until I met you…Now I look forward to picking out my new jewelry everyday!”

Jennifer N.: “Your jewelry makes me giddy”   (Yes, she REALLY did say that!)

Kathleen B.: “My husband is going to wonder what all those checks are for, I just can’t stop!”

Tamara T.: “I feel like you are my personal jeweler. No matter what I need, you come up with it”