Jewelry Parties

Contact Melissa:

Invite your favorite friends, neighbors and family over for a fun evening of glamour and giggles. I will provide the flyers or email which ever you prefer.  All you have to do is get your people there, provide some light refreshments and edibles. I will bring all of my present collections to your home, set up everything and the fun begins…The Jewelry does the rest of the entertaining. Women enjoy just trying it all on. I encourage people to come even just for the fun of it.

Parties can be in the evening Monday through Thursday or on Saturday afternoons. They are 2 to 3 hours, depending on what you would like. Everyone, including you, leaves with their new Jewelry that moment. Remember, these are one of a kind pieces, there is no catalogue, shipping costs or waiting time. INSTANT GRATIFICATION!

What you receive in return:

If a party is booked at your house by one of your guests and is completed, you get $25 of free jewelry.

If a party sells less than $300 total, you get $50 in free jewelry.

If a party sells $301–$799, you get 20% of the sales in free jewelry.

If your party sells above $800, you get 25% in free jewelry.

An average party of 14-16 guests usually sells more than $700. That means at least 175 dollars of free indiviJewel designs and a night with your friends!

You may also opt to donate a portion of your free earnings to Soles for Souls.

Giving Back:

IndiviJewel designs is about passion, about many visions, about spreading joy, celebrating individuality and giving back.  In a world where we adorn ourselves with “accessories’, it seemed so important to have a reminder that there are so many people in need of the very basics. So for every single piece of jewelry that I sell, one dollar goes to Soles4Souls. (This is the money needed to ship one pair of shoes that have been donated) Every time a piece of jewelry is placed upon someone’s body, a new pair of shoes gets placed on a deserving child’s feet. I include a note about Soles4Souls with each purchase, so if you are purchasing a gift, you get the opportunity to give a second gift, the gift of giving to others. It is also a wonderful opportunity to show how easy it is to give. This project brings me great joy. I want to thank Soles4Souls for making it possible for me to create my sparkles and help others at the same time!!